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Happy space -Most stunning wedding chapel WEDDING PLACE

Infinity pool by the azure ocean, the most stunning wedding chapel.
Sunset sprinkles down on the cypress forest serves as a testament to your eternal love.
Tempus Resort Kenting – Most beautiful embodiment of your romance.
Perfect catering service

Perfect catering service WEDDING CUISINE

Tempus Resort Kenting wedding planning team.
Customized Western lunch, dinner wedding reception and afternoon tea.
As well as cocktail party and after party; we strive to plan the perfect catering service for the newlyweds. 


Honeymoon room service, including decoration.
Traditional wedding ceremony arrangements and accommodation, including traditional “Double Happiness” wedding celebration stickers.
Leave the potted flowers and sweet glutinous rice dumplings to us. Whatever the needs of the newlyweds are, we will strive to fulfill them in order to provide them with the perfect wedding planner service. 
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