2018 ITF 墾丁彈跳頁 (1160)
June -

Frolicking at the Qikong Waterfall Soothing joumey for the body and mind.
Experience the beauty of all things

Experience the beauty of all things

We cordially invite you to spend the most unforgettable island vacation with us.

During your stay, you are informed of and are willing to partake in all events and activities designed to achieve “symbiosis between fishermen, fishing village and marine ecology”. We hope that you will share our passion towards ecology conservation and strive to ensure the bright future of the sustainable development of marine resources in Taiwan.
Seafood Infinite horizon of exquisite gourmet delicacies


The seasonal fusion cuisine is prepared using local fruits, vegetables and seafood from Hengchun, as well as premium quality meat produced in Taiwan to create the most creative gastronomic delights.

By returning to the most original, simple flavors, we adopt the most meticulous culinary approach to generate wonderful, delectable memories on your palate. Just like the horizon, the simplest things are often the most memorable.
Welcome To Our
Mysterious Wedding

Mysterious Wedding

Infinity pool by the azure ocean, the most stunning wedding chapel.

Sunset sprinkles down on the cypress forest serves as a testament to your eternal love. Tempus Resort Kenting - Most beautiful embodiment of your romance.